Online Marketing in Russian

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There is a big cultural, linguistic and technological gap between Russian customers and foreign providers. Delivering online marketing you should take into account that a profile of an average Russian speaking internet user differs radically from the one of abroad.

It is worth knowing that:

  •  70% of Russian speaking users search information in Russian searching engines like & rather than Google and other international platforms.
  • Russian speakers prefer to hang up in Russian social media like Vkontakte ( and Odnoclassniki ( For instance Vkontakte is a social net used daily by over 70 mln people from Russia and Russian speaking countries.
  • Russian people use Russian as a speaking language and they reluctantly go with English.

Being familiar with Russian internet channels we build cost efficient online marketing strategies and reach the target audience in the shortest possible time. Our services consist of:

  1. Setting and managing ads in the Russian networks:
  • Contextual Ads;
  • Search Engine Marketing;
  1. Social Profiles (Russia):
  • Creating and managing profiles in Russian social networks;
  • Developing and managing the content of the page.
  1. SEO-optimization.
  2. Translation of the web site to Russian language.

Using our skills and knowledge we raise the performance of online marketing and bring your customer to you.



Some examples of the Russian network:

Search engine


 Contextual Advertisement


Vkontakte Profile and Advertisement

VK 1

VK 2